Carefully crafted from select ingredients, guided by the latest scientific research and milled with a sense of pride borne of a family commitment for four generations, King Feeds are California’s finest.

In a nod to the Hearne family’s home, King City, the King ™ brand is synonymous with quality. Our feeds are sought after and recommended by professionals for their:


We use #1 or #2 grade grains, wholesome ingredients and no fillers.


Our mills are free of Paylean, Bovatec, Rumensin and other drugs that are toxic to animals for which they are not intended.


Locked formulas guarantee uniformity from bag to bag.


Nutritionally balanced and nutrient dense (more calories per lb).


Enhanced with essential nutrients and nutraceuticals to support overall health and reduce the need to add expensive supplements.


Species specific, Special needs, Organic, GMO Free, Show.... there is a quality King Feed to meet your needs and budget.


Feed less, minimize supplementation, save time. King Feeds makes it affordable to feed and care for your animals.


Freedom Feeds

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