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Umbarger Hearne Show Lamb Feeds are formulated specifically for the show animal and to meet the demands required to compete at the highest levels . Innovative ingredient selection drives these proven, winning formulas including:

· Steam flaked grains for better nutrient utilization,
· A powerful nutrition supplement that supports a healthy immune system to help combat the effects of stress on show animals,
· A unique, all natural, prebiotic to accelerate the rate and extent of fiber digestion resulting in more energy and increased average daily weight gains,
· Elevated levels of vitamins and chelated minerals for unparalleled support for growth and development.

The Umbarger Hearne Feed Advantage:

•Increased Feed Efficiency,
•Improved Palatability,
•Increased Digestability,
•Proven Show Ring Performance.

(19% Protein, 2.5% Fat, 12.0% Fiber). For Growing Sheep.

Top Selling Show Lamb Feed. The protein and energy combination help develop the muscle mass and shape needed to win at the highest level.
The feeder friendly ration can be fed from start to finish if desired.

(17% Protein, 3.0% Fat, 10.0% Fiber). For Finishing Sheep.

A fool proof finishing ration. Formulated to put a smooth, firm cover on your lamb. Use when a little more cover is desired or as a hot weather feed. The barley lowers internal heat which will increase feed intake for proper finish.