King Fair Awards Program

The King Feeds Fair Awards Program includes a combination of cash, feed rewards and custom made jackets. Our program continues to be one of the most comprehensive and highest pay out award programs in the state. There are awards for all Market classes including: steer/heifer, hog, lamb, goat, birds and rabbits. We recognize champions at both the state and county levels as well as weight champions.


Raising and showing animals are a fundamental educational component of 4H and FFA programs where children learn valuable lessons in the care, feeding and value of meat products. L.A. Hearne Company and many of it’s owners and children have and are actively involved or support their local 4H and FFA groups. The King Feed division is able to support organizations throughout the state of California with a wide variety of show feeds to accommodate differing budgets and levels of competition.


Designed with quality ingredients and locked formulas for consistent performance, King Brand Show Feeds offer excellent value for the beginning and intermediate showman.

The feeds are formulated to address the growth needs of the specific animal in an easy, step by step program from receiving to showing the animal.

Umbarger Hearne Show Feeds

Like L.A. Hearne, Umbarger Show Feeds is a fourth generation family owned and operated business located in central Indiana. Specially formulated by Showmen for Showmen, Umbarger’s expertise in Steam Flaked grains and dedication to the show ring sets them apart from the competition.  Thousands of winners stand testimony to the quality of the feed and it’s performance in the show ring. Umbarger Hearne Show Feeds are produced in California by L.A. Hearne based on the tried and true formulas of Umbarger and are distributed throughout California by King Feeds.

Moorman’s ShowTec Feeds

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. has been supporting pork production since 1885 and is a consistent leader in swine formulations and manufacturing. A combination of basic and commercial research provide consistent programs and Moorman’s Showtec Swine Feed program illustrates that winning combination in the show ring.

Moorman’s line of Showtec Swine Feeds and Supplements are distributed throughout California by King Feeds.