On March 9, 2024, HyGain announced plans to cease operation in the U.S.  

Cavalor and HyGain often competed in the same markets so if you need to find a feed to transition to…Cavalor is your answer.  Here’s what some of their customer’s have had to say when people have asked what feed to switch to:

“Cavalor is first-rate.”

Cavalor. I made the switch last year and the difference in all my horses has been amazing.”

“Nothing beats cavalor.”

“Cavalor is the best product!”

“I use Cavalor and have for years. IMO it is fairly similar to Hygain feed.Cavalor gets my vote.”

“To anyone looking for a new spot to land with this news from Hygain, we highly recommend Cavalor North America !!
They have an amazing list of grain and supplement options, so any specific needs for your horse can be met. They have awesome reps all over that can help you figure out exactly what you need, and a reliable consistent supply. We’ve been feeding it now for about 4 years and haven’t looked back since!! They are the real deal, and you’ll feel REALLY good about what your horses are eating.”

Cavalor is an international leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses; helping thousands of horse owners and competitors understand that Proper Nutrition and Care = Top-level Performance.  A unique feature of Cavalor horse feeds is the use of puffed grains for improved digestibility:  87-95% versus 5-50% in other processes.  This enhanced digestibility in the foregut reduces the risk of colic associated with hindgut fermentation of undigested grains, improves absorption, decreases the risk of ulcers and minimizes the rapid release of sugar/starch which typically occurs with traditional grain based feeds.

King Feeds distributes Cavalor Horse Feeds in California so your local King Feed Dealer can order any of the Cavalor horse feeds for you.

Below is a conversion chart to help transition your feed program to Cavalor.  If you have specific questions about the right Cavalor feed for your horse, please contact the CA Cavalor Rep, Sarah, at 419.3508373.