Larry Hearne

L.A. Hearne Company
was established in 1938 by Larry Hearne. Located in the heart of the Salinas valley within the agricultural belt of Monterey County, King City became the headquarters for the company that become known for it’s innovative handling and processing of locally grown dry beans and grains. Sales of feeds (King Feeds) to local livestock producers quickly followed as L.A. Hearne Company diversified to satisfy the needs of its agricultural customers.

Larry Hearne’s vision of serving the agricultural community has been embraced by four generations of family and the company is still owned and operated by the Hearne family.

L.A. Hearne Company Mission: “To provide exceptional service while offering consistent quality products to ensure your complete satisfaction”.


For more than 75 years, Livestock and Pet Owners throughout California have discovered the benefits of feeding top quality KING FEED to their animals and pets. From Rabbits to Cattle, from Poultry to Horses we pride ourselves in supplying our KING Feed customers with the latest nutritional advances to enable their pets and livestock to perform their very best.

LOCKED FORMULAS. King Feeds are highly sought after by professionals because of our consistent quality and performance. This is because our formulas are “locked” – our ingredients or concentrations do not change because of price fluctuations in the grain market. We formulate for the health of your animal – not a price point.

TRUE INGREDIENT FEED TAGS. We are proud of our feeds and the quality of the ingredients that go in them. Our feed tags contain a complete list of all ingredients used in the order of concentration and use their real names so you know exactly what you are getting.

NATURAL IS BEST. We believe in using the finest natural ingredients to produce feeds that are nutrient dense (more calories/lb.) and enhanced with nutraceuticals (like pre and probiotics) to promote health and wellness. You won’t find fillers in our feeds.

FRESH NEVER SMELLED SO GOOD. Small production batches, JIT delivery services are just a few of the ways we work to ensure that your feeds are fresh and packed full of nutrition.

MADE AND SOLD LOCALLY. All of our feeds are milled in King City and sold throughout California through our KING Dealer network. With over 100 locations to serve you, we continue to grow and expand to make it as easy as possible to find King Feeds.