CarboRaider Low Sugar/Starch Horse Feed. Try Me! Campaign

Due to the horse’s unique digestive system, excess sugar and starch in the diet can lead to many health issues including laminitis, Cushings, IR, metabolic syndromes, PSSM and more.  Traditional horse feeds are grain based and blended with molasses;  far exceeding the recommended daily amounts of sugar/starch in the diet.

CarboRaider was designed with health and prevention in mind.  With some of the lowest sugar/starch levels available today (9-13%), CarboRaider Horse Feeds are also enhanced with pre and probiotics to support digestive health, an ulcer protecting natural fatty acid, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

4 different formulas provide a solution for every situation.

  • CarboRaider Complete.  This complete feed is ideal for when you need complete confidence and control of the amount of sugar and starch in your horse’s diet.  This can be your horse’s sole diet with a little hay to alleviate boredom.
  • CarboRaider Senior.  Similar to CarboRaider Complete with the added benefit of joint support with glucosamine and whole plant yucca, a natural anti inflammatory.
  • CarboRaider LoCal.  This is a reduced calorie version of CarboRaider complete.  With 20% fewer calories, it is ideal for situations where weight management/reduction is required.
  • CarboRaider Concentrate.  This supplement is a perfect complement to a grass hay diet and is recommended for prevention or early stage nutritional management of metabolic disorders.

So how can you try CarboRaider and save $3 off your trial bag?  It’s simple.  Look for our ads in The HorseTrader, Riding, Horseman’s News, West Coast Horseman and The Pacific Coast Journal.  Take the ad to your nearest King Feed Dealer (check out our dealer locator) and they will give you $3 off one bag of the CarboRaider of your choice!

Then you’ll discover the quality, performance, safety and value that has attracted professionals to King Feeds for nearly 80 years.  Let us know your results so we can share your success with others.