New Black Gold Explorer Premium Dog Food Arriving Soon!

Freedom lies beyond the confines of daily life.

It’s where you and your companion find adventure.

Packed with complete proteins and essential oils, Black Gold provides the fuel needed to explore.

With that defining statement, the new Black Gold Premium Explorer line of dog foods was launched.  Crafted with premium quality ingredients, these feeds were designed for the Small Town/Exurban or Rural consumers who are or aspire to enjoy an active country and outdoor lifestyle with their dogs.

These formulations are optimized for Endurance, Stamina, Joint/Mobility & Muscles.  Featuring high quality Protein meals and exotic protein meat blends, Fat, Glucosamine,  Chondroitin, Omega 3’s, Whole Grains (unless grain free), Fruits and Vegetables, Pre and/or Probiotics.  There are No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives,  Corn*, Wheat or Soy.

Look for them at your local King Feeds Dealer starting in December 2017.








*Except Original Performance – corn meal is 96% digestible, provides a good level of antioxidants and high glycemic for a good source of short term energy.