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Economic and space constraints continue to drive an increase in the showing of smaller animals.

King Feeds offers a complete line of species specific feeds to optimize the growth and market potential of these animals.

18% Protein. NLT 67% TDN.

A pelleted feed, Meat Goat Complete promotes healthy weight gain for market winning performance. Multiple, natural protein sources result in a “time release” formula that supports optimum muscle development and expression. High fiber and pre and probiotics support a healthy digestive system for improved absorption and feed utilization. Essential vitamins and trace mineral- amino acid complexes improve metabolism and feed conversion. A common problem in male goats is the development of urinary calculi and Meat Goat Complete includes ammonium chloride to aid in the prevention of calculi formation.

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16% Protein. NLT 71% TDN.

Goat Mix is formulated to be fed with alfalfa hay. Steam rolled grains coated with a molasses/vegetable oil blend and a fortified pellet results in a highly palatable feed that supports high milk production. The fortified pellet contains: Yeast Culture (prebiotic) & heat-stable live beneficial gut bacteria (probiotic) to promote stable, efficient digestion while maintain a healthy gut environment, Selenium Yeast and trace minerals enhance reproduction and immune response. Guaranteed levels of essential vitamins improve metabolism, feed utilization and overall health.

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