show bag

King Brand Show Swine Feeds provide balanced nutrition and beneficial nutraceuticals to promote healthy growth and development of the show pig.

(18.5% protein. 2.5% Fat. Medicated.)

Pig Starter is a medicated starter feed that is sweetened and flavored to stimulate appetite and enhance consumption.
•Oxytetracycline is used to aid in the prevention of bacterial enteritis.
•Pre and probiotics (heat stable live beneficial gut bacteria) support the development of a healthy digestive and immune system.
•Essential vitamins and minerals support metabolism and the proper development of the skeletal system.

(18% Protein. 5.5% Fat. Medicated)

Boss Hog is a medicated pelleted feed designed to optimize growth and expression of market swine.
•Tylosin prevents dysentery and helps to maintain weight gain and feed efficiency with the added benefit of not requiring a withdrawal period prior to slaughter.
•Multiple protein and carbohydrate sources including grains, milk productsand fish meal stimulate hogs to grow at their maximum genetic potential.
•Pre and probiotics (heat stable live bacteria) promote a healthy digestive and immune system improving nutrient absorption and rate of gain and natural, heat-stable enzymes allow more protein, energy and minerals to be absorbed from Boss Hog.
•Specialized feed additives, chromium picolinate and betaine, have been added to affect back fat thickness and carcass composition for a well developed, lean hog.
•Essential vitamins and trace mineral- amino acid complexes support metabolism and structural development for improved bone strength and hoof hardness

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