Redeem Your 2017 Fair Awards

Fair Awards Jacket

Fair Awards Jacket

As the 2017 show season starts to wind down, don’t forget to claim your fair awards.

King Feeds Fair Awards is one of the most comprehensive programs in the market.  Recognizing achievements at  county and state levels and for both large and small meat animals.  Your success is inspirational and we want to share your story to encourage others to do a 2018 fair project.

If you have already won at your fair and fed King Brand or Umbarger Hearne Show Feed, simply download the award request and submit with the required documentation.  Moorman’s Show winners submit their award directly to ADM at ShowTec Livestock Youth Awards.

If your fair is upcoming, find a King Feed Dealer near you and utilize one of our 3 Show Feed lines:  King Brand Show Feeds, Umbarger Hearne Show Feeds and Moormans Swine Show Feeds.

We look forward to seeing you in our Champions Jacket.