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Stall Dry

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Eliminate the harmful effects of ammonia in stalls, trailers and cages, extend the life of bedding and create a healthier environment for your animals.  Stall Dry is composed of a natural blend of Diatomaceous Earth (67%) and Calcium Montmorillonite (Calcium Bentonite) (33%) in a crystal granule making it a top performing absorbent and deodorizer..  .

All natural and OMRI Food Grade, Stall Dry is safe to use around all animals and in organic production.  It is non-toxic, non-caustic and non-corrosive.  It neutralizes ammonia; reducing respiratory irritation and flies, absorbs moisture creating a drier environment and inhibits bacterial growth for more sanitary conditions.

Stall Dry has consistently outperformed competitive products and materials in 3rd party tests.

Available in 44# bags.


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