This super palatable, high energy ration is a versatile feed that can be fed from start to show day. A unique formulation that utilizes multiple fat and fiber sources such as Sunflower meal and Roasted Soybeans was designed to build body mass, muscle, and enhance the firm handle in show goats.  This ration is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which have a positive influence on hide, hair, and overall show appearance.  Next Level is a highly digestible product that was formulated to drive feed intake. Medicated with Decoquinate to aid in the prevention of Coccidiosis; the feed also has ammonium chloride for the prevention of Urinary Calculi.

Feeding Directions:
Feed Umbarger Hearne 16% Show Goat Feed along with a source of good quality hay and clean, fresh drinking water.

Available in 50# bags.