We will be at ARBA’s National convention in Reno, NV from Oct. 28-31.  We will have Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+ available for sale in 10#, 20# and 40# bags.  We always sell out at the convention, so please place your pre-order so we have your preferred quantity and bag size available.  You can email Sandy at sandra@hearneco.com by Oct. 15.


Dr. Cheeke’s is proven to provide fast, effective relief from high stress events including:
· Traveling and Showing
· Breeding
· Dietary/Environmental Changes
· Recovery from Illness
· Mal or undernourishment/Weight Gain


Dr. Peter Cheeke’s YQ+ may be fed to rabbits, livestock (except sheep), poultry, and horses. It’s unique, multi-targeted approach to GI health focuses on all points of the digestive tract including:
INGESTION: Highly palatable. Stimulates appetite and increases food intake.
DIGESTION: Promotes proper bacterial balance for maximum bioavailability of nutrition.
ABSORPTION: Supports health of intestinal villa for improved uptake of nutrition.
ELIMINATION: Good gut motility ensures efficient elimination of waste and contaminants

Download (PDF, 975KB)