Donald Barger is a licensed poultry judge for both the APA (American Poultry Assoc.) and the ABA (American Bantam Assoc.).  He has judged Nationally and Internationally, including British Columbia and other parts of Canada. Besides judging, he is also the APA District Director and Chairman of the APA Standard Committee, the ABA District Director, President of the American Serama Assoc, and   District Director for the Dominique Breed Club and a 4-H Poultry and Rabbit project leader.

This feed is culmination of experience in raising, showing, breeding and judging and it delivers in all areas!  Designed to be fed as a sole ration, Barger’s Lay Blend provides a complete nutritional profile for the laying bird.

The value and performance of the feed comes from the addition of a wide variety of health and nutritional supplements. 

The feed is a visual feast for your birds eyes including popcorn, whole oats, flax seed, yellow peas, split green peas and black oil sunflower seed and 1/8” pellets that are perfect for bantams to large breeds.

PEAS:  Add color to the feed, peas are a valued source of protein and energy that is highly digestible with an excellent amino acid profile.

BETAINE:  Research shows that betaine reduces heat stress, increases digestibility of crude fiber and protein, increases lean carcass weight and improves the performance of birds affected by coccidiosis.

FISH MEAL/FLAX SEED:  Boost of Omega-3’s to the diet which has been shown to produce Omega 3 enriched eggs.

PRE AND PROBIOTICS:  Supports a healthy, digestive tract which can prevent and clear up diarrhea, increase feed conversion, maintain a healthy weight and   quality egg production.

 WHOLE PLANT YUCCA:  Aids in reduction of environmental ammonia and odor, hypocholesterolemic activity, antiinflammatory activity, anti-protozoal activity, nematocidal activity, growth promotion and improved feed conversion efficiency.

Available in 50# bags.