The goal of a finishing diet is to provide an adequate amount of crude protein (CP) and energy to achieve the desired average daily gains (ADG) and desired carcass quality.  Crude protein requirements decrease as the animal gets closer to slaughter as fat rather than muscle becomes the larger part of weight gain.   The time needed to finish cattle depends on age, weight, frame type, sex,  pasture fed vs. dry lot and breed are just a few of the variables.

King Brand Beef Finisher is ideally suited for finishing cattle starting at approximately 900 lbs.   The multi grain and protein formulation is blended with a molasses & vegatable oil blend to prevent bricking.  Fortified with vitamins and minerals, Beef Finisher has not less than 12% protein and 69% TDN.

Available in 50 # bags.

Note the importance of the grain adaptation period to avoid negatively impacting rumen  function.   The industry standard is a 21 day adaptation period.