kinglogotransparentEconomic and space constraints continue to drive an increase in the showing of smaller animals.

King Feeds offers a complete line of species specific feeds to optimize the growth and market potential of these animals.

16% Protein. NMT 17% Fiber. 1200 kcal/lb.

Cloverleaf Rabbit Feed is a balanced diet designed for growing & breeding meat rabbits. The following nutritional enhancements optimize feed conversion, weight gain and overall health:

• Rice bran and beet pulp provide fiber and energy,
• Yeast culture, a prebiotic, stimulates fiber utilization and promotes a healthy digestive environment,
• Probiotics, heat stable live bacteria aids digestive and immune health,
• Whole plant yucca, a natural anti-inflammatory, also minimizes ammonia odor,
• Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids improve conception rates, early embryo survival, feed efficiency, enhance metabolism plus maintain health and appearance.