kinglogotransparentEconomic and space constraints continue to drive an increase in the showing of smaller animals.

King Feeds offers a complete line of species specific feeds to optimize the growth and market potential of these animals.

Natural Turkey Starter Crumble
(28% Protein. 1220 kcal/lb.) Feed 0-6 weeks.

This natural (free of artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, drugs, hormones or chemically synthetic ingredients except for the added vitamins and minerals) feed contains multiple protein and carbohydrate sources for optimum feed conversion and weight gain. Enhanced with pre and probiotics (heat stable, live bacteria) and a proprietary herb blend, King Turkey Starter Crumble supports a healthy digestive and immune system in the developing birds.

Fortified with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the young birds have the nutritional support for optimal growth and development.

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Natural Turkey Gamebird Grower
(24% Protein. 1300 kcal/lb. ) Feed 6 weeks to finish.

Natural Turkey Gamebird Grower provides optimal nutrition and feed conversion for continued efficient weight gain. Pre and probiotics (heat stable, live bacteria) maintain and enhance digestive function while an increased level of a B vitamin provides a calming influence as these often easily excitable birds grow larger and more difficult to handle.

Medicated Chick Starter
(20% Protein w/ amprolium for prevention of coccidiosis)

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Freedom Poultry Starter
(20% Protein. Non-medicated. GMO/Soy/Corn Free)

Contains botanicals, pre and probiotics to support a healthy immune system.

At 6 weeks, birds (recommended for white feathered birds on Medicated Chick Starter) may be transitioned to Pro Am Poultry Show & Grow (17.5% Protein) which produces award winning, brilliantly colored and healthy show birds. This unique feed is based on white corn to eliminate staining of the skin and feathers from the xanthophylls in yellow corn (a staple in traditional poultry feeds).

Additional feed enhancements include:
• Pre – and probiotics (heat-stable live bacteria) to aid digestive and immune health,
• Antioxidants protect against the harmful effect of free radicals,
• Whole plant yucca, a natural anti-inflammatory also minimizes ammonia odor in waste,
• Betaine, a natural plant extract, prevents dehydration and reduces stress.

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