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May 6, 2016
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Umbarger Hearne Barley Base Show Feed

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The best finishing feed on the market  Ideally suited for the last 60-90 days when the weather gets warmer.  Barley base will smooth out and firm up the finish for both ring and rail.  Extremely palatable, it is also ideal for addressing consumption issues.

Umbarger Hearne Show Feeds are unique, complete feed rations made with steam flaked grains for enhanced digestibility, diatomaceous earth for improved feed utilization and essential vitamins and minerals to support a show quality finish.  Additional feed ingredients support the higher nutritional needs of the show animal and include:
Amaferm®. A unique, all natural, direct fed microbial that stands apart from the competition through its
modes of action, consistency and quality.  Assists in maintaining rumen pH while reducing digestive upsets.  Increases digestibility to maximize the feed’s energy value.
OmniGen-AF. A unique, patented nutritional specialty ingredient that supports immunity, health and performance.  Promotes a healthy immune system in the face of stress events.

Available in 50 lb. bags.


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NMT 9.0%


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