Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+


It’s hard to believe how much success we’ve had with Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+  since it’s launch.  We’ve had an opportunity to see how effective the product works in a variety of species and thought it was the perfect time to update the brochure to reflect that success.

Peter R. Cheeke is Professor Emeritus of Animal Nutrition at Oregon State University.   Raised on a small family farm, he stayed at Oregon State University after receiving his PhD in animal nutrition where he went on to found the Oregon State University Rabbit Research Center.  His research is referenced throughout the NRC’s Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits and he has authored, co-authored or edited many of the industry’s go to nutrition resources including:  Rabbit Production, Rabbit Feeding and Nutrition, Natural Toxicants in Feeds, Forages and Poisonous Plants, Applied Animal Nutrition:  Feeds and Feeding and Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture.  He has also served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Animal Science and Animal Feed Science and Technology.

His research on enterotoxemia, one of a group of diseases that cause enteritis – the major cause of disease, mortality and economic loss in rabbits prompted him to develop Dr. Peter Cheekes YQ+.

In collaboration with Dr. John Throckmorton, one of his post docs and nutritionist for King Feeds, they developed Dr. Peter Cheeke’s YQ+  to promote optimum gut health and function aiding digestion, immune function and alleviating the physiological aspect of stress from reproduction, travel, illness, showing and dietary changes.

Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+ provides intensive gut therapy.  A blend of natural, highly functional ingredients target all 4 aspects of the G/I tract resulting in fast, effective relief.  Learn More about Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+.    Hear from Dr. John Throckmorton and actual users about YQ+.  Pick up at your local King Feed DealerOrder on-line.